Welcome to the home of CIDEr- The Collaborative Integrated Development Environment.

A Software Product Engineering Second Year Project from the University of Bristol.

CIDEr is an application that allows multiple programmers to securely collaborate on one or more source files simultaneously.
CIDEr works cross-platform (currently tested on Linux and Windows).

The backbone of application communications is the XMPP protocol; this allows CIDEr to be used easily across diverse networks by using XMPP's intrinsic robustness.
CIDEr incorporates two major components: the Client and the Bot.

The Client side is a GUI application that forms the actual IDE component of CIDEr. Multiple Clients connect to a central Bot.
The Bot manages all the edits and source files that are accessed by Clients.

This project is part of a 2nd year Computer Science course, and we are eager for feedback.
Documentation is very sparse at the moment but will be improving in the near future.

CIDEr in action

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Last Updated: 8th May 2011.